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Those Stories: Holy Water. Unholy Times.

Even before she saw the parade of troops, Elsa felt the vibrations of the goose-stepping blackshirts – the SS that protected the self-proclaimed Führer. I admit that I cannot find corroboration that Hitler visited Frankfurt in the days after President Hindenburg had died and German democracy along with him. But Elsa’s memories were vivid. “Jude, verrecke! Perish, Jews!” they thundered as they marched. Adolph Hitler, his right arm outstretched, stood erect in an open military car, greeting mesmerized onlookers with a steely stare. Throngs of men, women and children crowded the street to get a glimpse of the young Führer. “Did you see his eyes?” a young woman asked Elsa admiringly. “They’re so dreamy. I could look at them forever.”

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