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Like most Oregonians, 

Bettie puts up 

with the rain because it makes everything green. 

A dozen shades of 


The good news, her neighbor once told her, is that everything grows. The bad news, she continued, is that everything grows.  


The Official Mini Bio

Bettie Lennett Denny was born in Kew Gardens Hills, New York where her claim to fame was growing up next door to Paul Simon. (Yes, that Paul Simon.) A circuitous path took her to Omaha, Nebraska where she met her husband, Pat, and embarked on a career in television broadcasting and public relations work for non-profits. Vacations always took them west to the mountains and rivers, so when it was time to retire and life provided the opportunity, they moved to Portland, Oregon. Stumptown, also known as The City of Roses and a dozen other nicknames, has been their home since 2006. Thanks to good karma or good fortune, her two daughters live nearby. Today, Bettie writes novels, creates digital art, cobbles together found objects, walks with enthusiasm, and relishes hanging out with family and friends.